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Kathy Makcen of Perry is a 48-year-old who is a contestant in The News-Herald's Lighten Up in 2013.

Friday, July 26, 2013

1 Final Blog

One final blog before this contest comes to an end. The contest may end, but all of our journeys continue. For me I know I still need to lose more in my mid section and I would like to tone up my arms and legs.  I know the hardest part now will be maintaining our new life styles. I want to thank all of the sponsors of the contest, along with Cori from the Health department and Laura from the News-Herald. I especially want to thank all my family and friends who have gave me tremendous support. Tomorrow will be our Final weigh in and our after pictures. I want to wish all the contestants Good Luck, this is not the end but our new beginnings.


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